Qualification instructions for non-vehicle DC motor (120W) inspection


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Qualification instructions for non-vehicle DC motor (120W) inspection

2016-01-25 14:16

Model: JJDL-Z002 non-vehicle DC motor (120KW)

Inspection unit: State Grid Electric Power Research Institute Experimental Verification Center

Test items:

General inspection; charging setting mode inspection; communication function; display function test; input function; measurement function test; electrical clearance and creepage distance; grounding resistance continuity test; anti-shock measures test; insulation resistance performance test; charging output test ; Harmonic test; low-voltage auxiliary power supply function test; safety requirements test; charging interface compatibility test; control guidance test; charging communication compatibility test; temperature rise test; noise test; mechanical strength test; protection level test; salt spray test Low temperature test; high temperature test; alternating damp heat test.

Conclusion: The sample of Shenzhen Jiangji Co., Ltd .: JJDL-Z002 non-vehicle DC charger (120KW), after quality inspection, the inspection results meet the requirements of the inspection basis.

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